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C4 / RPM Productions
14th August 1984 - 16th October 1984

A one-off series of sixty minute shows where a band were given total control over the programme's content with no input from the production company or Channel 4. Most took the documentary route, with many explaining how they make their music, or how the music industry works and affects them. Some took the travelogue concept, while Siouxsie and The Banshees indulged in a fantasy.

Staring with Big Country in concert, followed by Level 42, New Order (with Tony Wilson interviewed in the bath by Gillian), Siousxie & The Banshees in their own Alice in Wonderland story, The Angelic Upstarts, The Special AKA, Echo & The Bunnymen in Liverpool, Girlschool, The Moving Hearts and XTC promoting the Mummer album. Peter Savile, who had worked wonders for Factory Records provided the opening credit sequence.

None of the shows have been released on tape or disc, nor has it ever been repeated, despite all of Channel 4's digital channels and catch-up service.