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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

An pop reboot of the classic Runaround (1975-1981), hosted by Cary Crowley, late of Ear Say and Revid on Channel 4.

Replacing Razzamtazz in the schedules, it was basically the same as its origin show, but with pop and general knowledge questions instead. This time around pop acts were all over the place, performing, being interviewed and participating in the games when persuaded. By the end of July 1985 Razzamatazz was back and Poparound was put back on the shelf until April the next year.

A show that seems to been forgotten about, but along with other mid eighties shows like Hold Tight and the Friday evening Channel 4 shows worth tracking down.



19th June 1985 - 4th June 1986