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3rd April 1982 - 9th October 1984
21st May 1994 - 9th July 1994

Mike Read had been co-presenter for Yorkshire's Pop Quest the previous decade and his knowledge of pop music, together with his co-editorship of The Guinness Book of Hit Singles made him the ideal candidate to host the show.

Pop Quest's finale had pop stars tested on their music knowledge and this became the basis of Pop Quiz.

Two teams of three celebrities pitted their pop knowledge against each other. The idea of seeing competitive pop stars caught off-guard proved attractive, but for many the real attraction was the range of archive television and film clips shown each week.

The show proved successful and lasted four series, but for the final series it was moved from Saturday tea-time to early Tuesday evening, a certain sign that the end was in sight.

Ten years later the show was back with a new host, Capital Radio's breakfast DJ and ex-Tiswas legend Chris Tarrant, starting in January 1994 with a Top of the Pops 30th anniversary special before the series started proper in May that year.