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TV Pop Diaries
Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

A show promoting new talent, alongside more established acts.

Hosted by former Radio Scotland DJs Jack McLaughlin and Cathy Spence and produced by Alan Wallis, who had worked on Ready, Steady, Go! as a vision mixer. Talking to the Offshore Echoes website McLaughlin said "I was asked by the producer to find a co-presenter and I immediately thought of Cathy. We worked happily together for a couple of series before the producer left to return to London and dear old Grampian reverted to more traditional music."

Like many of the regional ITV stations it attracted many name acts to its Aberdeen studios during its run. From pop like The Marmalade, The Tremloes, Dave Dee, The Equals etc to more progressive faire like Chicken Shack, John Mayall, Duster Bennett and Writing on the Wall who all appeared on the first show of the second series.



22nd April 1969 - 17th July 1970