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20th October 1988 - 25th March 1993

Another show with interviews and no live music, but the twist was that it was imported from France, complete with its host Antoine de Caunes. Starting on BBC1 in a late night slot the host stood almost motionless in front of a white background with letters from the shows' title around him. He spoke fluent English, but chose to speak with a stereotypical French drawl. He would appear between each article and introduce the next one for which Radio One's Lisa I'Anson would do the actual voice-over.

The show would later transfer over to BBC2’s schedule under the Def II banner.

Like Wired on Channel 4 the show would be remembered as much if not more so for its opening credit sequence. Designer Jean-Baptiste Mondino gave the show it's distinctive identity, which is just as well as the show itself was forgettable.

de Caunes would later return to our screens in a post 1992 Eurozone with Eurotrash on Channel 4 made by his Rapido Television which made many shows throughout the nineties for Channel 4 and make Graham Norton a star.