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4th May 1963,  29th June 1963 - 27th July 1963

From TV Times "It is is a new attempt to show viewers what's new. It's purpose is to dissect the trends, the fads, the fashions and the crazes that have either just materialised or are just about to come along."

It was one of the first shows to take account of the new wave of youth music and fashion in the wake of Merseybeat.

Debuting as The Rave Wave! with a late-night Saturday slot hosted by actor Tony Tanner and Sheila Falconer it might have featured an article on the Cavern club in Liverpool.

Re-branded as Rave! in late June it seemed to have had a musical act per week.

One of the script script writers was Mike Hodges, later to become a noted TV and film director (The Tyrant King, Get Carter, Flash Gordon, The Croupier).