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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

From TV Times - From TV Times "Every week, young viewers will be invited to choose the discs to make up their own record progrmmne Redvers Kyle will turn up the volume, Steve Race will keep up the tone and Tony Bateman will be in a flat spin."

A half-hour show for children where their written requests would be played, no acts were known to turn up. There were complaints about the amount of classical music played, with only a few seconds of "pop" songs played. Pianist Steve Race was a regular contributor which might account for the choices made. Similar in concept to BBC radio’s Children’s Choice.

Show producer Pru Nesbitt tells Melody Maker "We hope to show the kids that other kinds of music apart from rock and roll can be entertaining if they are presented the right way." The show's theme is Pet by Dick Katz. Every show will have a theme and the following week's theme will be announced so that viewers can send in requests and win record tokens.

There was a Cool For Kittens spot where a song will be illustrated by a film, dance or mime.


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10th April 1959 - 19th June 1959