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TV Pop Diaries
Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

A series of fifteen-minute shows with a featured act from the north-east of England and one song by a guest artist. Presented by David Hamilton, then doing a stint as in-vision continuity for various ITV channels, including Tyne Tees.

It was intended as a series of thirteen shows, but an additional Battle of the Bands show was then broadcast featuring a panel of judges including Don Moss and journalist Derek Johnson who then judged each of the thirteen bands with The Silver Dollars winning. They would later go on to release one 45 for Mercury in October 1964. In all Rehearsal Room was extended to twenty six shows.

The 22nd July show inevitably featured the north-east's finest, The Animals ans thankfukly still exists.


Tyne Tees

1st April 1964 - 16th September 1964