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It was odd that despite being a Pye Records' artist and a hit maker since 1964 Shaw had not been offered a TV series by the label's owners, ATV. Having won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967 the BBC rewarded her with her own series, but Sandie would not be visiting the BBC Television Centre exclusively. Many of the songs' routines were shot on location around the UK while each show had a theme for which the chosen songs were hung around.

The show was due for broadcast from April 1968 onwards, but according to her manager Evie Taylor "Sandie wants Mike Mansfield to produce the shows, but he is tied up with his current Tony Blackburn series now being networked. Sandie won't do it with anyone else, so we have postponed the series until the autumn." Mansfield was employed at Southern Television so was not able to produce the show anyway, so the task was given to future Top Of The Pops producer Mel Cornish.

The show presented Harry Nilsson on British TV for the first time, while John Walker, Alan Price, Paul Jones and her hit-making songwriter Chris Andrews were given the weekly guest artist spot. Sometimes looking almost avant garde for a light entertainment show it proved too taxing for a public expecting to see her performing skits and sketches like Dusty and Lulu. Talking to Disc ahead of the series she said "I was given a free hand for the series. I chose everybody for it - and what I wanted to do. Then if anything goes wrong it'll be all my fault!"

The show was not re-commissioned for a second series and only two shows out of the six broadcast still survive. However, a Pye tie-in album was released with proper studio recordings, rather than the TV show versions.



10th September 1968 - 5th November 1968