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16th August 1968 - 15th April 1969

After the success of Lulu, Dusty Springfield and Cilla Black respective TV series' it was the turn of the existentialist Engelbert  Humpedinck to turn his attention towards the television caners. How the notoriously shy singer was meant to deal with hosting his own series is anyone's guess but after two pilot shows a series was commissioned in 1969. By this time he'd had three hit albums of his own and some of those glorious songs were given an airing in front of an audience probably expecting Scott to take part in comedy sketches with the likes of Roy Hudd or Clive Dunn. Despite his popularity the series was not commissioned for a second series and all the shows video tapes were unforgivably wiped, but thankfully off-air audio recording exist. A cash-in LP Scott Sings Songs From His TV Series was also released.