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September 1961 -

The ITV franchise for the south-west decided to jump on the pop bandwagon, with Spin Along hosted by Radio Luxembourg and Light programme's Alan Freeman. Initially given a tea-time place in the schedules it was later moved to 7.00 pm a few months' later as it became more successful. It appeared to attract British talent on the way up, rather then any more established names. On the move to a later time slot director Pat Lumsden told The Stage "We are switching times following hundreds of letters asking for the programme to be put on at a later hour". The 38 rating that the show was getting in its 6.15 - 6.45 pm slot meant that it was getting about 300,000 viewers each week.

In late 1961 the show was pulled from the schedules because of the Equity strike which almost paralysed ITV for months. The show returned in April 1962 with Freeman at the helm again having filled his time by hosting the BBC's Play Your Hunch.