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Produced by Mike Mansfield who was also responsible for two other shows broadcast on the 31st July, Roller Coaster (with The Bay City Rollers) and a Hollies special.

Superpop '76 was intended to be a summer replacement for Supersonic, but it probably led to pop overload that year with many of Mansfield's other projects shown by London Weekend, including specials with Marc Bolan, Sailor, and The New Seekers.

Intended as a twelve week series it was due to begin Saturday 12th June, but didn't actually debut until the end of July. Shot at the Wimbledon Theatre it was the familiar mix of pop stars with lots of new talent with little or no chance of success.

Five hour-long shows were broadcast on Saturday mornings from 31st July to 28th August, with another three acquired for showing when slots became available in the schedules, or (according to a Billboard magazine report) co-inside with concert appearances in London by the artists involved, but in the end were not broadcast.

It wasn't shown across the ITV network, but might have been shown by Grampian.

According to a January 1977 report in Music Week magazine London Weekend would no longer screen the show saying that the remaining shows were not suitable for company needs. The report also claims the show was produced with financial assistance from record companies. London's Time Out magazine published an article, Mike Mansfield - The Profits of Superpop, for which Mansfield issued a writ for libel.



31st July 1976 - 28th August 1976