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2nd October 1982 - 18th April 1987

Or Saturday Supersnore as the critics immediately dubbed it. This was the replacement for Noel Edmonds’ Multi Coloured Swap Shop as Edmonds had jacked it in to do his own Saturday evening show The Late Late Breakfast Show.

Another breakfast DJ from Radio One took the reigns, Mike Read, who would also host Pop Quiz on Saturday evenings. Joining him in the studio were Newsround's John Craven, Blue Peter's Sarah Greene and Keith Chegwin. The new puppet was Crow, voiced by legendary record plugger and harmonica session man Judd Lander.

It followed more or less the same format as Swap Shop, this time children were allowed in to the studio, but only took a minor role.

A foul-mouthed phone-in with pop group Matt Bianco provided the only notable moment in the show's history.