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14th September 1974 to 3rd April 1982

The first and best Saturday morning kid’s show on British television. Originally shown locally it was eventually co-hosted by producer and school’s television presenter Chris Tarrant along with Sally James who joined in September 1977 after leaving London Weekend’s Saturday Scene, along with Bob Carolgees with notorious punk glove puppet Spit The Dog, Lenny Henry, fresh from summer season and ex-Scaffold member John Gorman.

The mixture of Saturday morning pictures misbehaviour and pop clips soon made it a necessity to watch. The series finally networked in 1979 attracting names as wide as Paul and Linda McCartney, Elvis Costello, the Two-Tone brigade, Genesis, Status Quo, members of Led Zeppelin, among others.

The unpredictable nature of the children-only audience mixed with adult asides whispered under the breath by the hosts, laughter and comments from the technical crew made this a must-see, first attracting a college audience, then adults.

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