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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

ABC had decided not to take ATV's Saturday Spectacular, and it was suggested in the press that the London style of entertainment was a bit slick for the northern audience. ABC rejected the idea and produced this response, however it was to be short lived.

The channel had hired Arthur Lane to handle the show. Lane was a experienced light entertainment producer and had interesting ideas about presentation. One of which was not to have a host or compere for the show, however, how each act was to be introduced would be kept a secret until transmission. It might have involved a group of dancers, four men and one woman.

The thirty minute, fortnightly show was broadcast from ABC's Didsbury, Manchester studios and like the London Palladium, had a revolving stage and an in-built stage lift.

Talking to TV Times ABC Television claimed "We are out to provide variety - in the true sense of the word. And that means bringing along artists capable of satisfying the demands of all age-groups. The 'pop' music fans will be well looked after. To meet the demands of teenage viewers ABC is arranging to include skiffle groups or "pop" singers in every programme in the new series."

Among the more traditional turns like George Formby and Joan Turer were a few skiffle acts like Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Duncan, Chas McDevitt, plus Edna Savage, Eve Boswell, Eddie Calvert, Michael Holliday among others.



21st September 1957 - 30th November 1957