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A weekly magazine programme, very much seen as a copy of Blue Peter, complete with real-life adventure stories, advice on pets, and for some reason, art. "A weekly rendezvous with friends old and new" is how the TV Times explained the appearance of the new show, which adopted pretty much all the hosts and features from the show it replaced, Lucky Dip. Tuesday Rendezvous would also give away merit badges, just like Blue Peter. The show was scheduled for a thirteen week run.

Muriel Young was one of the regular hosts, while guitar legend Bert Weedon would provide music and musical instruction, sometimes with his group which featured Tony Meehan. His Star Record Guest of the Week feature would feature pop stars like Bobby Vee, Joe Brown and Kenny Lynch.

Along with art a source of puzzlement would be a weekly Story of Jazz feature, hosted by Bob Wallis, hardly relevant for young kids. More relevant however was the appearance on 4th December 1962 of The Beatles, playing both sides of their debut single which had been out for almost two months by this time. But despite the intrusion of Merseybeat the addiction to trad jazz continued into 1963. The Beatles re-appearance on the show in April 1963 reinforced the idea that things were changing. Even if the reaction by the jazz camp within the show was negative someone in the Beatles' camp must have appreciated what was going on as Muriel Young was mentioned in the liner notes of their first album, albeit in a reference to her Radio Luxembourg show.

Tea-time shows on Rediffusion seemed to progress from the previous incarnation and sure enough after the series had concluded on the 24th September 1963 the following Tuesday, 1st October The Five O'Clock Club begins, which would be a very similar show, but this one includes more pop music.


Associated Rediffuison

12th September 1961 - 24th September 1963