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After the perceived failure of One Hour With Jonathan Ross the next venture thankfully would last longer, nearly eighteen months. Moving him from the security of a Friday night he was now given early evenings 6.30 - 7.00 pm three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, just before Wogan's show on BBC1. This proved to more successful as Ross was face to face with just one person at a time rather than the group interviews that hadn't worked on the previous venture.

Music was as important as before and a live act was booked for each show and it attracted many top names as usual, including the return of Tom Jones.

When the show returned for a new series in October 1991 Channel 4 gave the show a late night repeat. It was this new series that gave the show it's own, albeit small, controversy. Nirvana had been booked to play Lithium from Nevermind but played Territorial Pissings instead.

The final weeks of the show saw rock legends Spinal Tap play twice and Grace Jones say 'fuck' before the watershed.

Although he wouldn't give up the chat show format his next venture for Channel 4, Saturday Zoo, would be more comedy based.


C4 / Channel X

5th November 1990 - 15th April 1992