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WHATEVER YOU WANT C4 / RPM Productions 8th November 1982 - 21st February 1983
WHATEVER YOU DIDN’T GET  C4 / RPM Productions 28th February 1983 - 28th March 1983

An early adventure for Channel 4, hosted by actor Keith Allen it was a reportage on matters of interest to Britain's youth, three years into Thatcher's administration.

Similar in concept to BBC2's Something Else and Oxford Road Show, it was a mixture of filmed reports and in-studio discussion.

Each week a live band would be featured, filmed at the Ace in Brixton. The likes of Stiff Little Fingers, The Dead Kennedys, Depeche Mode, Killing Joke, Orange Juice, Southern Death Cult and other indie favourites would also be featured in four extended concert specials under the banner Whatever You Didn’t Get after the regular series had ended.

The show also gave over one complete episode to "community" radio, pirate radio with a small broadcasting radius.

Not as contentious or provocative as maybe the show's makers would have liked, the show was forgotten about almost immediately. In 2007 Channel 4’s silver anniversary brochure referred to it as an "ill-fated chat show", giving the impression that no-one at Channel 4 had ever seen it either.

The show didn't return for a second series.