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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

There had been many hour-long pop shows broadcast by Channel 4 since its beginning which featured a mixture of music and interviews and post The Tube they were all beginning to look the same, with only the opening credit sequence determining one from another. Wired had a great opening credit sequence, it was actually nominated for a BAFTA, the show probably wasn't. Matt Forrest’s drumming and teeth-snapping 'Mad Bastard' was the only thing that people remember of the show, which was a shame as it was one of the few programmes that made an effort and got the big names in return.

It was another Malcolm Gerrie (ex-Tube) production for his Initial company and Granada International. Nicky Horne, Tim Graham and Lenore Pemberton were the hosts, while Yes No People provided the theme over the award-nominated credits.

The first show kicked off with a live performance by Sade, one of the biggest names in the pop world at the time, plus interviews with Robert Plant and Whitney Houston. Prince was due to appear, but of course didn't. The show aimed high, which was unusual and was rewarded for its nerve with other exclusives later in the series from Pink Floyd, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen and Brian Wilson.

Friday 1st July 1988 saw their Factory Records article awarded Tony Wilson's ultimate accolade, a Factory catalogue number FAC-211.

In August they took off to Japan for a special show featuring bands that were playing there over the summer, while the following month saw the show in San Francisco.

Channel 4 liked what they saw and gave it a Sunday repeat, but why it was never commissioned for a second series is unknown.

The show delivered and was shaping up to be a nice replacement for the recently departed Whistle Test on BBC2.


C4 / Initial / Granada International

6th May 1988 - 9th September 1988